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Apoxest Information Network About Apoxest

Hello, I am the Founder of Apoxest and have been around the computer industry since 1985. As a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, I worked on designing and implementing software applications for awhile, and performing subsequent support. I built a few businesses with partners, I always provided the expertise to build and run the companies. The partners were always in the public’s eye. My partners and I may have always started with the same goals and objectives, they change with time. I have always believed no venture is worth entering unless everyone wins. Below are three steps (out of many) I took with a personal project concerning information distribution over a period of 10 years. Every step had different rewards, all helped my pet project move forward ... but with diminishing results.

I began with an idea of getting information to users. I built a faxing database program which would take a sales flyer and fax anyone on the list that hadn’t called/faxed in to be removed from the active list. The application was deployed as a goodwill gesture to clients in the hopes of providing them with programming services. Retail clients tripled their size overnight! Others improved their flow of information ... A win/win situation for all!

The next stage involved programming and implementing a software application designed to collect and transmit data over the telephone lines to a central location, both ways, a secure wide area network (WAN) when standard software for WANs didn’t exist yet. The solution involved database programming, integrating communications programs of the time, and working with unreliable telephone lines. The software performed flawlessly, day after day. I did my job too well? The boss and I had a different concept of quality ... At least the client and I won!

At this point, I had all the ingredients I needed to begin looking at the gathering data and distributing of information on a global scale. A private network to collect data, qualify, and retransmit to the public. I found a partner who had similar objectives, he wanted to create a network of journalists/writers to write stories, submit them to us for “warehousing” and transmit them to the news outlets, and then to the general public. I designed a prototype and eventually we began building a corporation and all the software to support the idea. We were only weeks away from a global launch, all going well, on schedule. Then the company began to layoff key development personnel, and without understanding the ramifications. The remainder of the development team was run ragged, but managed to pull it off! Success but costly, in both money and health ... for everyone. No true winner!

After that project, I decided to build a company which would foster win/win ventures for everyone. An entity built on the spirit of cooperation and goodwill, people helping people.


    As many people as possible should benefit from our efforts.

    Make computer software easier to use, more functional, adaptable to the user.

    Make practical use of existing technology and software.

    Use the least amount of resources in developing any projects.


    Change is inevitable, planning for change maximizes the benefits and minimizes the undesirable consequences.

    Information provides us knowledge to do almost anything we put our minds to.

    Teamwork involves everyone working together towards a common goal. Open lines of communication is essential between team members to create a cohesive unit. Cooperation multiplies productivity.

    Our Health and Safety have top priority! We are nothing without our health.

Apoxest Information Network website is designed to support information exchange. Our Main website is intended for marketing Apoxest software, eventually we hope to offer software from other developers as well. There are just a few Apoxest core personnel, experts in their own respective fields, and very knowledgeable in others. If we don’t have the information, we know where to find it! When recruiting personnel, we refer to our site's referrals and contributor list first! Each of us have a virtual office, we work from home or wherever we happen to be by remote, through Internet. We don’t have any set hours for work. We have a rotating schedule to maintain regular office hours, but have people working around the clock some days. We enjoy our work and have fun doing it!

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