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Apoxest Information Network Beta Tester Application

Beta Tester Application

Our Commitment to YOU

Your input is valuable to us. When you talk, Apoxest is listening. Authorized Beta Testers will receive the highest priority, your success means our success as well. All support calls and communications are recorded in a database (requests, problems, solutions, user interaction). This database will be used for automatic support on our information website. Users will be allowed to search the database for the information they need. Work performed on requests is dependent on the number of Problem reports and their complexity. Requests receive a lower priority than Problem reports. Occasionally a request may have a quick, simple solution and in these cases, we may be able to slide them in easily. As a Beta Tester, we guarantee you the most current software, information, and support during the development process.

Our Intentions

Apoxest software must be in use and have a proven track record prior to being eligible for distribution through our network. This ensures the software has no hidden problems and establishes reliability. Many software programs fall short in one or more areas of quality: functionality, user friendly, support, etc. Our software must be intuitive, easy to use, very robust/reliable, adaptable to change, and interface with other software.

Apoxest is seeking beta testers as early in the development process as possible. Approximately 100 beta testers are necessary for each software application. This number allows us to provide a quicker response to problems and provide Beta Testers a conduit to talk directly to our development personnel. The support team gives the Beta Testers the highest priority. Beta Testers get software to suit their needs while Apoxest builds a marketable software application and solid support system.

Our Requirements

In order for the support system to work, accurate, standardized reports of problems, requests, updates, and solutions are necessary. The reporting requirements are being automated as much as possible to reduce the time needed to create, process, and search. Access to the information contained in these reports is currently limited to Apoxest personnel only. Security measures are being implemented to provide you, as a Beta Tester full access to reports submitted for the software application being tested. Apoxest believes in keeping it's team informed.

1. The Ideal Beta Tester is someone who works with the type of information or software to be tested on a regular basis. A person who is willing to try new software, give constructive criticism to those who ask, and enjoys working in a productive team environment. Have you seen our About Us page?

2. Reporting - The reports are multipurpose and are designed to facilitate Apoxest’s proving process. To ensure accuracy and conformity between reports, the Apoxest Team is entering their reports in the Feedback.Form , located on the Apoxest Information Network website. This information is to be sent to/retrieved by our system for processing by our support department. The frequency of feedback generated by the user (good or bad) is expected a minimum of once every month. The feedback should be either about the software application itself, or it's support system. Other feedback is appreciated and is taken into consideration also.

3. Liaison - We recommend companies assign one person to act as the company liaison. This person should be computer literate and can expect to become an “expert user” for the software application being tested.

4. Training Material - You as the Beta Tester are our front line. You are the first people to use this software. You will know where a user will run into trouble. IMPORTANT: report these areas, Apoxest may program a different solution or provide training depending on the type of the problem. Examples of Training material are sample data within the software application (templates), reference in the user's manual, email course, and possibly a training video.

5. User’s Manual - The standard information on key movement, getting around, and the general overview information will be provided by our company. You as the Beta Tester must note how you use the software. How many times have you gone to the User’s Manual to find an answer only to discover there is none. If you find a particular function/feature useful, or find another use, or another way of doing something, make a report out for the User’s Manual.

6. Release Form - Once the software being tested has proven itself, Apoxest may have to identify the Beta Testers in order to qualify in software clearing houses. A Beta Tester may be required to discuss the software, support, etc in length with these organizations. For Beta Tester entities who are registered as companies, their Liaison will represent them. Also, information may be inserted as “sample” data in other software A Release Form must be requested by you via email explaining the reason for the request. A Release Form is not required to be a Beta Tester but is required prior to releasing any of your personal information. (for more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy)

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YOU Receive

1. Free software registration for each software title tested.

2. Quality software which meets your needs.

3. Additional software functionality, your request for another report, utility, or changes may be incorporated into the next release.

4. Customized programming services on a broad scale. We look at the common aspects between user requests and attempt to create a common solution for all Apoxest Users. Apoxest realizes each user may have their own specific requirements to meet and in these cases a plug-in or add-on solution will be incorporated into the software.

5. Direct access to Apoxest personnel, membership within our Development Team, and unparalleled software support.

6. Potential widespread exposure through our software and marketing engine (release form required).

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