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Apoxest Beta Program

Apoxest needs your feedback, good or bad!

Everyone knows time is money, especially when time is limited. AND we at Apoxest do not want to waste your time anymore than you want to waste ours so let’s be brief. The information provided here outlines: what you receive for your participation with Apoxest Beta Software, Apoxest’s approach to providing Free registration(s), software applications in the beta stage, and how to participate in our Beta Program.

What you receive for your participation with Apoxest Beta Software.

                Free software registration for each program you test.

                Quality software which meets your needs.

                Additional software functionality, your request for another report, utility, or changes may be incorporated into the next release.

                Customized programming services albeit on a broad scale. We look at the common aspects between user requests and attempt to create a common solution for all Apoxest Users. Apoxest realizes each user may have their own specific requirements to meet and in these cases a plug-in or add-on solution will be incorporated into the software.

Apoxest’s approach to providing Free registration(s)

                We want to help you do your job, quicker and better.

                Helps us provide quality software for a reasonable price for everyone.

                Our company opens a line of communication with end users.

                Our development team is given a clearer direction.

How to participate in our Beta Program.

                Fill in and submit the Beta Tester Application.

                Once accepted, provide feedback in the form(s) provided.

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